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TMS Therapy to Treat Depression...


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy approved by the FDA in 2008, is gaining more momentum as another form of non-drug treatment for depression.


I hear it's worked wonders for Lady Gaga, and others.

(Just a little fun, sorry, don't take offence. Love the name of this therapy, though...)

Mecch: I'm immune to all pop divas except the immaculate Katy Perry and the indomitable Rihanna (laugh at your own peril), so please tell me you Photoshopped those pictures of Lady Gaga. I don't know Fashion well, but I did meet him briefly out back behind the shed. That's not him on her head...

OneTampa: Nice. What do they have for mania and can I get four of them?

I'm taking a course (online, nothing serious) on the Social Context of Mental Illness. I know this is not that, but some of those old treatments are scaaaary. ECT strong enough that the muscle spasms broke bones. Restorative insulin comas... Yikes.

We watched this for the class. It's a terrible history and not funny at all, but the camp value will overtake the tragedy in about 50 years. I knew I was in bad shape when the only person I found remotely relatable was the "crazy" guy. I think he had a point! His wife and "George" (if that was his real name) were definitely out to get him. I mean, they had him committed, didn't they‽


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