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Complera - meal types and timings.

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You all seem to be missing the point. I have dietary restrictions - no wheat, diary etc so yes 400 calories is quite difficult to achieve for breakfast. A bowl of oats ain't going to make it and nor do I want to be eating half a dozen eggs every morning for obvious health reasons.

Most of you mention McDonalds but I eat healthy and don't touch any of that shit. Couldn't think of anything worse for breakfast than a McDonalds!

Miss Philicia:
No, I'm not missing the point. If the calorie issue is a deal breaker for you then why are you and your doctor not looking at another med regimen. As it is you're chasing your tail around this issue for over 2 weeks.

Not being funny here, but a healthy diet would in any case mean starting the day with an intake of 400 to 500 calories to fuel you up.

A bowl of oats may not cut it, but if you have a cup of tea sweetened with honey, together with a bowl of cereal made up of say 3/4 cup soy nuts, 1/4 cup of raisins and 1/4 of oats and you'll be banging on the door of 500 calories.

The other thing is that if you are getting your treatment from a clinic with a "top ID doc", you will almost certainly have access to a professional dietician, who will be an expert at answering exactly this sort of quandary.

Im taking Eviplera too.The recommended calorie intake is 533 cals inc some fat.My consultant said I would be better to take it with lunch or dinner.The fat content is important for absorption.

You can still eat healthily too.If you have a salad you can have a mini treat afterwards to make up the cals!

Im obsessed with white bread such as ciabatta and  i cant eat it....soda bread is a good alternative.

Please let me know how you get on.


I'm a fairly healthy eater also.  I just take it with my dinner.  It seems your still wondering about the half life.  My id doctor, who is considered one of the best in NJ, said to keep in a 2 hour window.

I think since this is really causing a lot of mental anguish, this might not be the best medicine for you.  Especially if, for some reason, you can't take it  exactly when you need to.


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