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Complera - meal types and timings.

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Hi All

So I've been on Atripla for over 5 yrs now and I am going to change combo due to continual side effects. I seriously think its damaging my brain!

My doc wants me to go on complera. I was concerned abou having to weigh out 500 calories each day and worry about whether the meds are working because I may no be eating enough. But he said there is very little difference between fasting and fed. He said it will still work on 200 calories or even less. I'm confused as all the info on complera says it needs to be minimum 500 cals. Can anyone confirm this? Also what would happen if you were sick with a vomiting bug etc? The last thing you'd want is a huge 500 calorie meal.

The other question I had is how lenient is complera with timings? Does it need to be taken at exactly the same time every single day? With atripla i always take mine with a 1hr time frame so would be nice to do the same woth complera. Is it as forgiving?Hoping to hear from people so I can make my decision on which combo to pick.


Alas, the food thing was not properly tested on Complera, but on the basis it was for Edurant, the component drug that needs food, your doc is incautious to say there is little difference between fasting and fed with this combo. The drug is approved for taking with 500 calories or so. But in truth how many calories precisely is unknown. He may be right that 200 is enough.

Note that most non-vegetarian sandwiches with butter/marg will have 450+ calories.

- matt

I've been on Complera since August and I take it about the same time everyday give or take an hour. As for taking it with or without food it hasn't mattered. I would recommend it over Atripla any day especially for those that are having problems. For 6 years I thought everyone felt like shit taking their meds until a brought it up with my ID Doctor who switched it to Complera, no comparison what so ever, no dizziness, no trouble sleeping, no upset stomach, no bouncing off the walls in the middle of the night to take a piss and it can be taken anytime of the day no different than taking my aspirin every night. What a life changer for me.   

I just always take mine with dinner and there is not really an issue


--- Quote from: gadawg1979 on February 24, 2013, 11:47:30 PM ---I just always take mine with dinner and there is not really an issue

--- End quote ---

My question is how many calories and also half life. My doc seems to think it will work just as well on 200 calories and will even work fasted (no food). However from reading so many other posts on here, it's clear that most people's doctors have advised a minimum of 400 calories. So I don't know who's advice to follow. I eat very healthily and have an allergy to milk, wheat and a few things. So 400 calories is a lot of food for breakfast when some things are off limit.

Also I wanted to know the half life of complera. Can you take it within 1hr each day or does it need to be exactly the same time each day - eg within a 15 minute time frame.

Hoping to hear back from some more people that are on complera. There must be more than 2 members on complera. Any advice appreciated people.



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