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My Honey tested positive


 Hello everyone I am new here but I am sure glad I found this place! I have been happily married for 2 yrs. My husband and I have three children, one together and two from my previous marriage.  I'm husband had been feeling a little ill.  He went to his primary care doctor and found his liver enzymes to be elevated and WBC to be elevated...additional labs were drawn one of which being HIV and it was positive  :( This was about three weeks ago.  I immediately tested and I am negative...for now.  Not only was I devastated for my husband but very much so for our 3mths old son.  I was scared out of my mind that even though I tested negative during my pregnancy..maybe I contracted it later during my pregnancy and passed it on to my son.  Well, the infectious disease doctor we found which is wonderful, says that since this initial test that I just took was negative then he should be ok.  This is the best news...I can handle everything else.  I won't lie, I am still a little nervous for myself but I am just trying to be positive and focus on my husband right now.  He just went to the doctor today to get his viral load and cd4 count.  VL: 159,890 Cd4 : I'm not an expert but this is pretty bad, am I right? These numbers make me very nervous...for him and for myself when I have to test again next month.  We haven't used protection in the entire time we have been married.  Also, I'm a little frustrated because I don't know how to approach my husband.  He doesn't like to talk about it...well a little but only in small doses.  I don't think he even realizes how bad his numbers really are.  I just try not to overwhelm him and just let come to me when he is ready.  Anyway, his doctor has him on some antibiotics and he is starting Atripla.  Has anyone been on this medication? What is your experience? The doctor says it can cause hallucinations in a small group of people.

As long as your husband taking his medication and being adherence to it he probably going to be fine. As for Atripla, some people have problem like me and some people don't it a good drug though. For your safety, have safe sex from now on, use condom consistently, it would be great if you wait until his Viral load is undetectable before you have sex just to be sure. it mostly take around 3-6 months.

The most important is that your husband is taking care of his health as best as he can, and you also take step to protect yourself as well.

Condom is very effective as HIV prevention, if you Husband is UD. Sex with Condom with your husband is extremely safe. But he must remain UD as well.

HIV prevention is a two way journey from him and you. Hope you both can work through this together. You insisting on Condom every time and get yourself check every 6 months and him consistently taking his med and go to doctor appointment.

Hello, thank you for your response and advice.  Yea, I think we will be alright..his diagnosis is definitely life changing but we are going to make the best of it and just try to stay on top of his meds and continue to be healthy.  I know he is just starting his meds but can't wait for his numbers to make some progress! Every little sniffle makes me nervous that he is coming down with something :-\ . Anyway,  thanks again and good luck to you as well ;)


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