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Trying to guess my infection roughly

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hey all,

Why i'm trying to guessitmate this is cause i seperated from my first wife in '95 and never disclosed to her when i found out years later (see bottom). I was told it was prob a year or two before i found out. That would take me back to '98 .

Two things that make me question this are how high my cd4's are now and also remember my spouse had a recurring problem of yeast infections. (mean anything... dunno).

I guess in the big scheme of things it is unimportant. Just gnaws at me sometimes. Last i heard she has remarried.

Any opinions/guesses ??

Probably could spend your "lifetime" trying to figure that one out...  Tic Tock, Tic Tock.... ;)

I am gnawing of self imposed guilt for not disclosing when maybe i should have. ID doc at the time gave me the 1-2 year window so i decided against that.

Too many drunken, unprotected one night stands to even guess. Yep, won't happen to me. WRONG.

When I was first diagnosed, I was told to go back 5 years and to advise those I was with during that time frame to get tested.

It's up to you, unless you know for a fact that you were negative when you married, and you remained faithful to her until you separated.

You asked me for my best guess, but honestly I don't have one. I don't know enough about declining CD4 cells to be able to guess how long you are infected. I know some, but not enough for this.

Honestly, from what I have read it is very variable and I don't want to guess because you might attribute some weight to that in a manner that I can not predict. It might make you feel better, it might make you feel worse. For that reason I won't guess on this for you.

Try not to let it work on you if you can. Would it affect your feelings if you knew? I'm just curious.



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