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I'm sure you guys have both experienced and seen others situations over the years. I wanted to ask...

Are folks that have a CD4 count <200 able to bounce back to normal numbers with medication, or is there a noticeably higher difference in cell count if you catch the infection earlier and are able to treat?

Is it uncommon for people with HIV in the earlier stages to acquire an OI (such as PCP), or is that usually only seen in the latter stages of HIV? Is it more difficult for someone with a CD4 count <200 to bounce back from an OI, even after starting HIV meds?

Knowing what you guys know now...what questions would you ask your ID doctor on the first appointment or what would you have done differently as far as your treatment regimen is concerned?

Sorry, just to be clear, who got the Western Blot confirmation of HIV+?
Your friend?

I did, I had an ex who, as it turns out, was a whore. The only way I could have been infected was through him as I rarely fooled around with anyone else - and if I did it was safely.

I spent nine days in the hospital in the spring og 2010 with a host of opportunistic infections. I was on an IV pump for two weeks after discharge.

Thanks to Norvir, Prezista and Truvada I had a VL of 59 and CD4 over 500 at my December visit. My numbers bounce around a bit, something that happens in some people, but the CD4 is always high in comparison to the viral load. That is the number my doc looks at most heavily.

I should mention it was 7 years between my hospital stay and when the ex and I split. I had the western blot test in the hospital. I didn't have PCP but KS and CMV but the doc still put me on Bactrim. I continued to take the Bactrim for five months after starting HAART.

The doc figures I carried and controlled the virus for at least a decade before things went off the track.

Boyfriend got a positive ELISA and Western Blot. Since his oral swab was negative when he was HIV+, I'm worried that mine may have also been incorrect. I'm going to wait another week or so and take an ELISA to be sure. (Just to be clear, we've been in a committed long term relationship for several years now. ..So if he has been infected for awhile, then I think my chances of also having contracted it are probably greater).


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