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My best friend diagnosed advanced stage


Hi guys - it's great to finally be a member after reading your forum posts this week.

My best friend of many years (he lives with me) was suffering from red/ brown blistered toes and swollen knees for a few weeks before he finally saw a doctor last week. He's always been fit and healthy and this sudden problem was a concern. A full blood test revealed he is positive with a CD4 count of 40. It appears he has been positive for many years, although the doctor did not know the VL (!!??). Needless to say I am pushing hard for that result.

He just spent four days in hospital while they IV'd him antibiotics (flucloxocillin) and took photos of his feet (they said they didn't know what his feet were suffering from but merely said it was 'interesting') after four days he looked a little better and his swollen knees were drained of translucent yellow fluid (no bacterial infection found in fluid or blood).

He's just come home and insisted on going for a swim to build back weight (he's getting a bit thin). I begged him to go gently and just do a few laps. He shakes when he comes out of the pool. I cook him the healthiest, iron and vitamin rich fresh foods I can find and keep a close eye on him while respecting his independence and space.

It's now two days back from hospital and the swollen knee is back and the toes worse than ever. He woke up this morning, had breakfast then immediately fell asleep on the couch. He's still asleep next to me.

He insists he's not tired. He insists on carrying on as before. We go back to the HIV clinic tomorrow for a check up.

I feel powerless, I want to get him strong again - to go from healthy to almost unable to walk in such a short time is shocking for him and I want him to regain his health at least for a while for him to enjoy. I desperately want to see him without this leg pain.

Does anyone have experience with OI that recede for a while - is it possible he could bounce back? How long after starting the antivirals could we possibly see some overall encouraging results (any good results!)? Does anyone have a thought on what the knees/ toes might be - the doctors aren't giving answers for me to go on.

Sorry to go on - it's a new frontier at the moment guys. x

Jeff G:
Hi Jack and welcome to the forums .
Your friend is lucky to have some body who cares as much as you do for him to help him through this .

I cant speak to whats wrong with his health at this point but its going to get better in time I'm sure . Toady's medications have saved many lives and I'm confident that they will help your friend regain is health as well . Just follow his lead and keep giving him your love and support and you will see him growing stronger . thanks for sharing your story and please follow up with some updates .

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate your reply mate. I'll keep calm and steady for my friend - I guess patience is the key. I'll definitely keep you and the forum up to date - your advice is sincerely more than welcome at the moment.


Jeff G:
You are most welcome ... please remember to look after yourself and your own needs also . I cant stress this enough , if you need help or support , reach out just as you have done by posting here .


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