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Hi Everyone.My husband was diagnosed in 1996.He is 56 years young and in decent physical shape.He is resistant to
The following meds have been tried but made him very sick so were discontinued.
He is currently on Viread,Retrovir since 2010 and in 2012 Isentress was added.
I am concerned with him taking the Retrovir (AZT).
I went with him to the clinic last week and we had blood draw for genome since the last one was done 3 years ago,mutations then were as follows
NNRTI mutation summary

NRTI mutation summary

PI mutation summary
13V 63P 77I

He is also Hep.B positive.Infected late 70's early 1980.
His numbers in november  are as follows
2300 copies by pcr
cd4 961 27%
90 copies earlier in the year in june after starting the Isentress.
He recently had all his teeth pulled and dentures are in place.
I don't know what to do or what meds may work for him.He is seen at a community health clinic and he gets his meds through the state.Any one have any suggestions?He is unable to get an erection and has absolutely no desire for sex and has not had sex in many years.I am going to save some money up and get his testosterone checked.I feel like it may give him some energy and maybe make him feel better.Other med he takes are
Lisinipril and procardia for hypertension
Prozac for depression.
Thank you all for this group and for helping us navigate this road together,


On the basis he has achieved 90 copies on viral load with Isentress recently I would do the following:

- Investigate adherence
- Drop the AZT from Retrovir and stick with the other drug it contains, 3TC (Epivir), or better, the sister drug FTC (Emtriva, has some advantages).

He must stay on Viread for his Hep B.

184V mutation causes high level resistance to 3TC but this doesn't matter usually if 3TC is used with Viread since the mutation makes the virus more susceptible to Viread and it tends to cancel the resistance out. It should not compromise his treatment.

These are the simplest options, there are more, hope this helps.

- matt

Thank you so much Matt.

Hey, CandyO! I can't offer more advice, but I just wanted to say that if I had someone half as interested in my health as you are in your husband's, I think I'd be in danger of becoming an optimist! I'm pretty jaded, but I find you inspiring. Good luck with everything. :)

Just an update for everyone.Case worker from the clinic called this am to tell us my husbands viral load has jumped up to 17000.Looks like he has developed resistance to Isentress after 10 months.I am just sick inside for him.This is obviously not the results we were expecting or wanting.We will see the doctor on monday to figure out the next step as far as med options.He has felt so good with the isentress and it brought his viral load down very quickly.He was undetectable in august.1300 vl in november and now 17000. :'(


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