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Can Boosting Immunity Make You Smarter?

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Can Boosting Immunity Make You Smarter?
The body's defense cells engage the brain in an intricate dialogue that may help raise IQ.

"After testing the animals, Cohen—who didn’t know the details of Kipnis’s research—gave her colleague a call. “She said, ‘One of the groups of the mice you sent me are real idiots. I’ve never seen such idiotic mice,’ ” Kipnis recalls. Those mice could not find the stand; they were also the ones without T cells."


I edited your post to change the title to better reflect what this thread is about. If you read this forum's Welcome thread before posting, you would have read:

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I did read it. You have a lot of rules, written and otherwise. I do apologize for yet another transgression. I think if I perhaps participated less, I wouldn't feel I've broken a rule every other minute or offended yet another moderator's sensibilities. Perhaps it's designed this way.

Thank you and enjoy your forums.

Ann, the other mediators, and other users mean well, as did you in posting this interesting piece. Please don't take their criticism badly.

We are all here for much the same reason; somewhere down the line we contracted HIV, we sought solace from others similarly afflicted and we wish to share our stories, our knowledge as well as to solicit input from others.

Interesting. Although they didn't specify what sort of T-cells were affecting cognition. I would guess that the T cells they were referring to are the T-regulatory-cells? In which case, these aren't the primary targets of HIV. No?


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