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SoSo deceptive it's scary....


So, I have VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) surgery a couple of weeks ago.  Going into the surgery, I was UD and my CD was about 800.  All good.  Due to the fact that I cannot crush my pills, I, along with my doctors, decided to go off the meds after the surgery for a short time.  You see I cannot risk my stomach to leak.  So while I heal, I am not taking meds.  Right now I am waiting to see where my CD #s are as of a couple of days ago to see if I will start the meds yet or wait another week or so.
What is very deceptive, i feel great.  I almost forget I have HIV.  I understand why there are many folks that live like this and just do not want to take meds.  I also understand the dangers and of course will go back on meds as quickly as possible without sacrificing my recovery.
I just wanted to share my thoughts.......another bar on my cage has melted away and soon I will be able to live a better life.  Soon I will be able to sit in a movie theater, get on a plane, sit in an average size car, walk more than a block, stand for more than 5 minutes without pain......the list goes on as to what a morbidly obese person cannot do and suffers thru.  God Bless modern medicine. 

Congrats on a successful surgery.  I hope you start feeling better.  Results from surgery usually are pretty quick so you should start seeing and experiencing some positive results and quick weight loss.

A coworker of mine had gastric bypass a couple years ago and the weight loss was quick and dramatic.  She has kept it off and her quality of life is a thousand times improved.  She seems much more confident about her appearance now and you can just see how much happier she is.  I hope you experience the same benefits.

I don't know so much about stopping meds being deceptive.  I guess it is for the short term. I mean, no more bad Atripla dreams or head trips.  Or no more Norvir diarrhea.  But those are short term effects.  Over time the deception would fade and we know how that ends.

Regardless, congrats with the new you.


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