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Very Confused!!


Boyfriend had pneumonia (bacterial antibiotics and steroids given at dr.'s office did not phase it). He was admitted to hospital and treatment was only partially effective (iv antibiotics/steroids). Dr.'s did Tb test...negative. Dr.'s took blood test (not sure if it was a rapid blood test or ELISA), but the result came back HIV+. They sent off for a Western Blot, which we will not know the results of until Tuesday. They discharged him a few days ago, and we went today to get an anonymous test (oraquick oral swab) for me, at a local clinic. On a whim he decided to take another one too (oraquick oral swab), and we both tested negative. We are both still very worried with his tests producing two different results. I should think that if he were unknowingly infected with HIV years back, that it would have shown up in the rapid oral swab. However, since it did not, that leads me to believe he is either negative or was recently infected within the last 3 or 4 months. Any ideas...what is going on?

It looks as though blood testing, including confirmatory tests, are in store for youboth to discern your HIV status.


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