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Jeff G:
I have merged your threads into one , please do not start another thread and if you have trouble finding your thread go to your profile and select show own post and it will take you to your there .

Your doctor is correct , the oraquick test is reliable and you can count on that your 3 month conclusive test is accurate when the time comes to take it . Best of luck to you . 

If it gives you peace of mind, please ask for a blood test at three months. Oral tests are great, and if they err, they tend to err on the side of sensitivity (false positives) rather than specificity (false negatives.)

However, I understand that this means a great deal to you, and though it might take a few days to get your results, having that extra certainty might be of real use to you.


--- Quote from: australianmale on May 01, 2013, 02:26:29 AM ---sorry 2 hear , , thats terrible news

--- End quote ---

Hey AustralianMale!

I think it's grand that you can show support for someone in their time of need, but we really do insist that all folks stay on their  own thread and not give advice (or yes, even support) to others in this forum. Otherwise you can NOT imagine the cleanup work we would have to do here. This place would be a circus (and not the good kind of circus) if we didn't have these rules, which I know seem Draconian but are here for clarity.

Our hearts go out to anyone who is the victim of sexual assault, and we really want to give them the best possible space (and the best possible information.)

I removed your message so that you would still have one remaining free post. I did this because I am allowed to, and I have a soft spot in my heart for people with empathy.

I really appreciate your understanding.


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