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Hi I need a few answers. I am female in a smaller urban area. I was recently anally raped. I was knocked unconscious so I have no way of knowing the horrible person or if a condom was used though i assume not. The rape crisis center said I had significant internal tearing. I was started on PEP at 58 hours. I have been taking it exactly as prescribed. I am a mess but I wanted just a few answers if anyone can help me please.

1.) Is fifty eight hours too late.. the doc said up to 72 hours but other places I saw 48. I didn't want to take it but he highly recommended it so I have been taking it exactly as he told me to.

2.) also he said to test at six weeks after the rape and then three months and then six months after the actual rape but on here it says after I finish PEP to start testing not before . I am so confused I just want some answers.

Thank you all  :-[

Andy Velez:
I am very sorry to hear that you have been subjected to such a terrible experience. I hope you are getting some supportive counseling to deal with the emotional aftereffect of what happened.

You've done exactly the right thing by going on to PEP. As long as it was begun within 48-72 hours after the risk is what is important. PEP has a good track record of preventing transmission when begun within that time frame.

As far as when you can test, you have to count from the time when the 28 day regimen has been completed. So you can test initially at 6 weeks after the completion of PEP. If as we hope you test negative at that point, then it is likely you will continue to test negative at 3 months after the completion of PEP.

It is not necessary to test any further assuming you get a negative at 3 months. I would suggest you discuss with your doctor about getting tested for other STDs, as they are much easier to transmit than HIV.

Good luck to you in getting through this. Make sure you get that professional support. This is not an experience to go through dealing with it alone. 


Thank you so much. My local rape crisis center has been a godsend and I have been tested and treated for all other STIs that I may have contracted so that is a weight off my shoulders. I have already enrolled in counseling. I dont want to let some beast ruin my life ...but I am still dealing with this and I am just taking it day by day. Needless to say after finding this site I didn't feel I got enough information on what PEP was and how it works from the doctor that treated me. I feel a little better know that I understand it thanks to this amazing site. I was just scared about the time frame but I am ok now. Thank you again for your kind words Andy.

Andy Velez:
It sounds like you are doing everything that you ought to in terms of dealing with this awful experience. Hopefully you will come out of this ok as far as HIV is concerned.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Best of luck.

 I was recently raped and I have a question about testing. I was placed on pep at 58 hours and completed it. I was told to test 4-6 weeks after finishing pep and then at three months post pep. I went for my first post pep test at 45 days after finishing pep and 10 weeks after the rape and the doctor tested me with an oral swab and not a blood test. It was negative. I was told this was a good indication of my status. My question to an expert out there would be should I ask for a blood test at my three month test ? My doctor stated that the oral swab test was highly accurate and at three months post pep was conclusive. He said he would give me a blood test but it is expensive and he didn't think it was necessary if i continued to test negative with the swab test. I just want to make sure this is the case. After reading through the message boards I just don't know what to think and want to have all the information possible. Does anyone have any advice? 


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