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One month ago, I was in a vacation in Seoul and I decided to go to a bath house. It was a gay bath house. Frankly, I was just there to look around since it was my first time for me to go to such a place. Then I met someone. He was going to do an oral and I said if he could do it with a condom, and he said it was ok. I did put one and then he continued. And then after that, he sat on my member for around 5 minutes and pulled it out again since I wasn't really getting hard. So I took out the condom and went to the comfort room to wash. I checked the condom and there were no holes nor it didn't break. So I ruled out this exposure.

After a few hours of just cruising, I met another guy. Now, he did an unprotected oral and I gave him a protected one. When we started to do anal, me being on the insertive role, I made sure that once in a while, I change the condom. I changed around twice or thrice. Then on the last time I was about to change, I realized that the condom was gone. I didn't realize that I was already doing it unprotected. I really have no idea how long has its been going but more or less 5 minutes already. He said he was clean and I dunno if it's true or not. I dunno.

Now I'm definitely scared. After week of exposure, I've been having an upset stomach and really loose stool. I've had rashes on palms that lasted for a few weeks. Sometimes it was itchy sometimes it's not. Now, it is all gone but my palms started to shed skin. And around at night, I would feel so tired and lethargic. Few days after the exposure, I've been having loose stools until the 2nd week. It stopped there.

I haven't had a fever, night sweats, or swollen lymph nodes though.

Anyone has an idea how big my risk is? I'm scared and very worried.

Andy Velez:
If I am reading you correctly, all you had was some unprotected oral sex. Apparently the only anal sex you had was with the first guy and you were wearing a condom for that.

Essentially you are worrying needlessly because the only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected anal and vaginal intercourse. As long as condoms are always used for those activities you will be well protected.

I don't see any need for HIV testing. Whatever is causing your symptoms is NOT HIV. If the symptoms continue you should discuss them with your doctor. This is not an HIV situation.

Hi Andy.

Sorry but I didnt realize that my post was misleading. I already edited it. The 2nd guy was also anal me being the top. So yeah, i think I had an unprotected exposure.

I am still worried. :(

Hi. I got tested last week at 6 weeks post exposure and got a negative result. But just a week after that, yesterday, I had a high fever and severe diarrhea. I always throw up and feel very week. Could this be late ars? Are there any cases of being negative at 6 weeks to be positive after that? I am really terrified right now.

Jeff G:
Your 6 week test is conclusive and you do not have HIV , if you are feeling ill it has nothing to do with HIV . Its flu season so go see your doctor if you are sick .


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