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Labs after 3 weeks of meds

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So I got my first set of lab results since i started meds (stribild) and thought id share.
my viral load went from 129,000 to 80, which is pretty awesome! At this rate I'll be undetectable in a few minutes so thats nice! My doc said its one of the fastest VL drops shes ever seen and she wanted to call me when she first read my results because she was so excited (shes a sweetheart). my cd4 went from 280 and 20% to 350 and 26%. The percentage increase is nice even though the actual cd4 increase isnt crazy. overall im super happy with the results! i am anemic though...i suppose this is what i get for 13 years of vegetarianism.

Congrats on the labs.  It is good you have a good relationship with your doc. 

How anemic are you?  They always tell me I'm anemic, but I am just one point below the normal range.  Actually, the last few labs I've been back in the normal range.  They always tell me poz folks are often a tad anemic. 

All the best! 

That's great Texan.  Congratulations!  I will be doing labs and getting my results of how Stribild is working in 3 weeks.

Congrats, man! That's really great!

Maybe you remember me - I started Stribild in December. I'm pretty anxious to get some sort of labs done to see if it's working, not working, sort of working... I assume it is, but it'll be a relief to get some kind of tangible information. Your results are encouraging. :)

I dont know how anemic i am but my doc didnt seem too worried about it so i'll assume im not on the low end of the spectrum.

of course i remember youre also on stribild oksi. My side effects were so minimal I was kind of worried it wasnt doing anything! its nice to know that im just tolerating it really well.


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