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which condoms are best...

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--- Quote from: skeebo1969 on November 20, 2006, 07:28:11 PM ---
   I don't know which are best...   When I've used them it never really was for confort.   When I was a younger I was sold on them lifestyles super sensitive which was cool.    I can remember one time I bought a box and was breaking one every time I used them.   Here I thought, " Wow I must be really BIG"..  Think of my dismay when I learned that I had bought a box of expired condoms....  I still think I'm pretty big though, fuck the expiration date!!!!! >:(

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Queen Tokelove:
That is a good question....I tend to buy the XL's because I want the person to have room. Has had complaints in the past that the condom was cutting off their circulation. I did buy a box of Magnums one time and this guy slid me a look like he might not be able to fit it.... Hell, I don't have a penis, how am I to know about fit? Gonna have to check out Ann's condom link......Too bad they don't make one size fits all....


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