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can someone please educate me as to which condom is best for me an my wife to use?

should it have spermicide?
Is there one for HIV specifically?

Hi Dingo,

It's best to not use condoms with spermicide as spermicide may irritate your wife's tender bits. Check out the condom and lube links in my signature line. In the left hand column of either of those pages, there are additional links and some contain information your wife might find interesting.


Hey dingo,
You may find trying a few different ones helpful......... try finding one that is comfortable for you .........i used to have real problems with them but eventually found one i was comfortable with and could get on with.... all condoms have to meet standards so no specific one will be better at stopping the transmission of HIV (as far as i am aware anyway)

best wishes


thanks Ann & Pete


   I don't know which are best...   When I've used them it never really was for confort.   When I was a younger I was sold on them lifestyles super sensitive which was cool.    I can remember one time I bought a box and was breaking one every time I used them.   Here I thought, " Wow I must be really BIG"..  Think of my dismay when I learned that I had bought a box of expired condoms....  I still think I'm pretty big though, fuck the expiration date!!!!! >:(


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