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Stuck with two ailments



So far my labs are good but I am stuck also with syndrome of chronic fatigue and it is so debilitating......Any one else experiencieng chronic fatigue .....pain.......and so on...I am scared.

Hello. I'm very sorry you are suffering so long. I remember you well. You're still in Paris? Please, what does the doctor say about the CFS?  Have you got a doctor willing to help you find a way? 

I told you once, I went through this in New York. (I didn't have HIV.) It was scary, yes indeed!  I had 2 doctors take it seriously. Together, we found a way through.

Are you working? Mobile? What are you doing now for the pain?

Prends soin de toi. 


Strange I was thinking of you...I am now in Paris.....I was away one month and a half and started horsev riding....Docs seem not to take my cfs seriously since I am healthy and try instead to treat my anxiety and difficulty of sleeping....I am going to a site on FCB post viral fatigue ....mainly british and I see all people can endure....I managed to travel in Rome , Lisbon and next in march Istanbul....Well...I am scared becz I can feel crap....Take care and thanks for reply.

Hey, hadasinparis. Nice to meet you. I don't know much about CFS beyond the fact that Dorothy Zbornak had it. :)

I'm sorry you've been going through a rough time. I don't have CFS, but I've been having bouts of the ordinary kind of exhaustion in between rounds of hypomania for about two weeks for no reason, so the concept of 'fatigue' has been on my mind a lot. I know that CFS is a lot more complicated than that, of course. :) I was in someone's office the other day and fell asleep in the chair while they were talking to me - even though I had slept ten hours the night before. O_o And I went home and got back in bed a couple of hours after that. It's hard to be productive in that state. That would be a lot to have to deal with on any long-term basis, and like I said, I know CFS is more complicated than just being tired. I hope you feel better soon.

Hey, mecch. I love your new avatar. ;)

Thanks oksikolo.......I am through an downward spirale....I hope I will overcome it soon......Thanks again


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