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Do you think info on drugs & side-effects is easy to find from the forums?

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People keep asking the same questions, esp. about first-time combos.  Does this mean the info on drugs etc is difficult to find from the forums? Or not? Views please. Or maybe it's just some old posts which would answer new questions need keeping at the top of the page...

Just asking cos I am (a tad) fed up of typing the same answers n my sense of duty's running a bit thin. The questions are not complex and other people can answer them very well (maybe even the, ahem, paid staff).  Plus the info - or some of it anyway - is elsewhere on AM. Maybe I shouldn't jump in so quickly eh? ... but when a post goes unanswered for a few days and someone's clearly anxious a reply/signpost is demanded I think.

This thread promted by (another) post on Atripla side-effects.

- matt

Hi Matt,

I think people just want to hear personal feedback. If you want a taste of repetitive questions, just look at the Am I forum. These people even admit to reading every other thread in the forum, but yet they want that personal feedback on their own situation.

You can always do what I do - I have a database of cut and paste answers. Sometimes they get the straight C&P, other times I need to tweak it slightly to fit the situation.

And by the way, I'm not ~ahem~ "paid staff" either.


there is a valid point about  people wanting/needing individualised responses - something about someone listening, and caring, i think.

that said - could we perhaps have some stickies(as in this forum)  at the top of the page, links to the sustiva tips, or side effect lessons, or dosage guidelines etc...? so people can go straight to the info they need, rather than having to hunt around a (possibly unfamiliar) website...


I think the design is fine.  It seems relatively straight-forward.  People ask the same questions, (over and over again), because that's what people do.  I bet you a majority of folks in the forums haven't read the drug information in much detail.  I think most folks just run straight to the forums and post their question.  Nothing wrong with that.  Maybe we should just provide links to where the information has been discussed elsewhere in the forum (or website) and give them a snack or two.  Postive reinforcement is key.

Not sure I completely understand the last two options.  If it suggest greater user involvement in the information, I would say two thumbs up to that.  I think it would be good if the operators could somehow include personal stories/observations with some of the information.  For example, we always have discussion on safer sex between two positive individuals.  Why not have a personal perspective from someone living with HIV on how they navigate safer sex with their partner.

Just John:
Hi Matt.

Although I can understand you questioning the ease of info. availability, I have to say that I think that the site is already very well laid out with all of the relevant (and not so relevant) information easily accessible from the "buttons" at the top of the page. I learned a lot about many aspects of this bug and it's treatments and associated illnesses from nearly two years of reading this and a couple of other sites before I "went public" on the forum.

There are some people, however, (and I should know I've dealt with the general public all of my working life), who are unable or just unwilling to read what is given to them, there are also those who either can't comprehend the information or relate it to their own situation and please don't forget those people who find cyber-communication strange.

A lot of people will be overwhelmed by the whole scenario of HIV when newly or recently diagnosed, or just about to start med's and I can understand their relief and impatience when they find a site on which they can ask "real people, real questions", with the knowledge that they have already been through the same traumas and can give a personal view.

I think that some people just need more patience, and the "personal touch" than others which explains a lot of the repeat posts.



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