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--- Quote from: joylondon on February 14, 2013, 01:37:21 PM ---Thank you Ann for your advise!!! Yes, you're completely right that the HAArt is the only way to improve the cd4 count. But I also read that some vitamins or micronutrients, such as selenium, zinc, vitamin d and vitamin b may help, along with the Haart. Is that true? I just had my vitamin d test and the result is that I'm carent, so I will take more vitamin d starting from tomorrow. Could be the melatonine the cause of the low wbc?
Thank you for your answers

--- End quote ---

I can't see anything you're taking as a possible cause of low WBCs.

What does your doctor say about your WBC levels? Is he or she concerned?

Do you know what your levels were like pre-infection? There's always the possibility that you naturally fall on the low side of the "normal" range.

I really don't put a lot of stock in the idea of any of the supplements you mention making much of a difference to your CD4 levels. There are a lot of claims floating around the internet, but nine times out of ten they're claims made by a company who wants to sell you their supplements.

The best thing you can do is eat a well-balanced diet and get regular exercise. Nutrients are better absorbed when they come in food form and if you ask me, unless someone has a definite deficiency in a particular nutrient, it's a waste of money to take supplements. Your money is far better spent on good, nutritious, fresh food.

Thank you Ann,
for your answers! My doctor is not concerned about my WBC level, since I don't have infections and since I feel very good and healthy. My doctor says the same as you: that, naturally I may have wbc on the low side of the range. Since I don't eat much fruit and vegetable due to my colitis the doctor suggested me to take, as supplements, vitamin d (that I'm a bit carent), zinc, acid folic (along with the other vitamins b) and also vitamnin c and fermented papaya (as antioxidant). And thank you for your suggestions about the well-balanced diet and get regular exercise (they are the same as my doctor). By the way, are you a doctor?
Thank you again for your suggestions-:))

No, I'm not a doctor. I'm just another pozzie, but I've been poz a lot longer than you so I've picked up more info than you. :)

Although I still take multivitamins, I stopped dosing myself with mega vitamins quite awhile ago when research, like the recent one I posted below, started to question their efficacy and safety. Of note, the below synopsis emphasizes their use in "healthy" individuals-which many of us are not. Deficiencies of some "vitamins" do exist in our population.

From this month's Scientific American

In Brief

For decades researchers assumed that highly reactive molecules called free radicals caused aging by damaging cells and thus undermining the functioning of tissues and organs.

Recent experiments, however, show that increases in certain free radicals in mice and worms correlate with longer life span. Indeed, in some circumstances, free radicals seem to signal cellular repair networks.

If these results are confirmed, they may suggest that taking antioxidants in the form of vitamins or other supplements can do more harm than good in otherwise healthy individuals.

Save your money on the vitamins.  I guess if you want really expensive pee that have at it.  Otherwise, eat a salad and some veggies. 


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