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I am a big fan of K-Pax vitamins. I have been taking them (immune support formula) for 8 years. I also take some other supplements. I've been pos for almost 30 years and my last CD4 was 2159 (my all time low was 56). Supplements don't replace eating well -- one definition that Lark Lands PhD gave some 20 years ago -- "don't put anything in your grocery cart that wasn't readily available 10,000 years ago." At least minimize eating things that come in packages and boxes.

Joy, you might wish to investigate magnesium as a sleep aid. It is involved with hundreds of functions in your body. I have found it very helpful as a muscle relaxant and it definitely helps with sleep. But, since you have colitis, you shouldn't take the common forms like oxide (basically non absorbable) or citrate as they will worsen your condition. Try epsom salt baths (magnesium sulphate), magnesium oil topically or jigsaw magnesium which is a slow release form and doesn't cause loose stools.


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