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I tested + in may weird thing with my body

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hey what's going on everyone I'm newly positive well to me its still new tested positive in may. I still don't know my cd4 or viral load count they never told me in the hospital but I have an appointment this Thursday feb 14  lol I guess its my valentines day gift    :-* im a lil scared weird things have been going on with my body my lymph noodles under my arms are swollen and I have developed anal warts. Its very embarrassing to talk about with my primary Dr  my warts don't hurt but the itch  n bleed at times sorry for being graphic but did anyone else go thru something like this. o yea and another thing for some odd reason my body will not tolerate hot sauce or apples anything acidic it make my stomach have a boxing match  btw no meds yet any advise and does it get better

welcome to the forums. good luck with your numbers on thursday, i'm finding out mine then too. the warts are most likely caused by the HPV virus and are not directly related to your HIV. Right now your focus should be on getting your HIV treated. Your doctor will help you deal with all of this and be able to get your HPV under control when you need to worry about that. HPV can go untreated for a bit without many consequences but HIV is trickier. Listen to your doctor and browse through these forums. Theres a lot of great info here and helpful people so dont be afraid to ask questions!

Hi Cooper,

After you were diagnosed positive in the hospital, did anyone send you to a doctor who specializes in HIV?  Is your upcoming doctor appointment with your primary or someone else?


Welcome here.
Hope things get more clear with this next visit to the doc.
Besides embarrassment, is there any other reason you cannot speak about your health issues with any doctor?
Going forward, some advice, is that the way to live best with HIV is to have open honest communication with your doctors.  If possible...

Welcome to the forums.

Hopefully after you meet with your doctor, you'll have a better understanding of where you're at in this journey.  I'm a bit shocked that you didn't have further testing until now.

I totally understand the embarrassment thing; I couldn't even look my doctor in the eyes when I first started dealing with the wart issues.  I finally have reached the point where I know it's best for my overall health to be totally honest with my doctor. 

Not sure about the digestive issues, it might have absolutely nothing to do with HIV?  My diet has always been spicy and I'd be distraught if I couldn't have my jalapenos with everything.

Take  care and best wishes.



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