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To call....or......not to call


So I've been in correspondence with this guy for almost 2 weeks now, We are so much alike and really hit it off. yesterday i told him my status and as him being negative; i tried to prepare myself for him washing his hands of me but low and behold he was very receptive/understanding. He even officially asked me out a few hours after the reveal, which i feel like is a big step but Im really into him so I gladly accepted.

Now we have talked pretty much everyday for the past week (texting, phone calls, FaceTime) but today we exchanged like 1 (mediocre in comparison to our norm) text. I don't know if Im just over thinking things or just a bit insecure about the possibility of him changing his mind in the future. A part of me wants to call him and see whats up, but at the same time I want him to feel like he has his space. This is my first relationship situation since finding out so I dont have experience with being in a serodiscordant relationship. What should I do?


He could just be taking it all in.  Call him but don't over do the calling or texting.
He is most likely a little scared, let him know that this is a normal thing, and you understand. 

The best advice I got on here when I started dating after my diagnosis was to give a few web sites to the person.  It has helped and sometimes not. 

The first guy that I tried to date decided that he was to scared of the boy-girlfriend thing, but he turned into a wonderful friend.

Good luck
Michelle 8)

Give him a bit of time to digest the information, he will get round it in his head.  If he is a good person he will tell you where he stands eventually, he might be busy doing his own research so might not have time at the moment.  hope it works out well for you.  there are man out there who are not phased out by being in a relationship with a positive partner

Ok so yesterday we had like a 10 min convo then he had to go. and later on tonight we are supposed to FaceTime because he is babysitting right now. Should I ask him if he has any concerns and if he still wants to move forward? Should I ask him about still coming to visit in a few weeks? I just dont want to make either of us uncomfortable but i want to be realistic and honest about what is going to come out of this. He's so difficult to read right now and Im not into playing the mind games of communication, especially since we live hours away from each other.


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