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Well,.... There goes most of my income tax return!!  I went to Lens Crafters on Saturday to shop for new frames and lenses.

It's been about 5 years, since my last pair of glasses, so I decided to go all out on the lenses.

1 year eyewear protection-----$34.99

Poly photo transitions vantage grey--$145.00

Progressive AVP---$295.00

Photochromic grey----$190.00

Standard AR( anti-reflective)----$85.00

BB 465, GUN( Frames)----169.95

Without insurance this would have amounted to $919.95  :o

With my insurance, the total came to $474.81  :o This is the most I have ever spent on glasses, so they will have to last  ! But I also never had the transitions before.

After this year I will no longer have the Vision insurance through my workplace, Since I will be leaving the workforce in December.  I still have the VA for examinations, and if need be I can get glasses ( nothing fancy, and I think I would have to go to trifocals, as I believe they don't make progressive lenses.

So after this expenditure, I have about $80.00 left over from my income tax return.

The glasses should be ready in about a week and a half.

They should match my hearing aids just fine.   :P


Ray, I ended up paying $430.92 with a $30 dollar discount, without Ins. so yeah, that sounds about right to me  :)

I'm glad I took most of the advice from all of you here on this forum, and got a very nice pair of eye-glasses  :D

I look at it this way, it's worth it in the long run to always have a good pair, I wear mine everyday, outside, driving, cooking, reading, I can now see FOREVER, best investment I've made :D


DEN  :)

Hey Ray,

I paid more than $900 for my glasses as well. They have pretty much all of the same features as yours.

I don't have optical insurance, although my medical insurance pays for annual eye checkups because of the HIV.  I pay extra out of pocket to get the prescription for the glasses.

But, as Dennis said, it is an investment well made. I have had these for going on two years now. Because they came with a warrantee, when the lenses scratched, they were replaced free of charge after a year.

They are Crizall lense (although the spelling may be incorrect.)

Anyway, I think you have made a wise investment.



Miss Philicia:
What does the "Poly photo transitions vantage grey-" and "Photochromic grey" do? Is that when they tint when out in strong sunlight and are like prescription sunglasses?

I had the progressive lenses done on mine, but not at Lens Crafters -- the "AVP" is some marketing thing they do and charge more for. If you do a google search on the term you'll see many complaints about their bait-and-switch routine.

And I didn't go to a cheap place for my glasses at all, but it also wasn't a huge chain like Lens Crafter. Just a local place with only two stores. And I didn't buy my frames there either so I only spent $200 for the lenses and the frames I bought for $200 on eBay but that's about what one would pay average in a store for something decent.

The sad thing is that I don't wear them very often -- I "barely" need a prescription for reading as it is, but definitely need glasses to drive. However I don't own a car, so I can manage without wearing them for general walking around. I wear them when I go to the movies, but not at home watching television unless I decide to put up with it. I try and make myself wear them more because it is nicer to see more clearly even just walking around. Actually where I really need them is in the supermarket -- not to read product labels but to read the signs for what is on which aisle.


I found my old Eye glasses thread, worth a read, very good info in there  ;)


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