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hi, well i just came back from the doctor..and it was a very positive (no pun intended  ;))
visit..he said that my VR was undetectable and my CD4 was up to 200...originally when i was diagnosed this past april my VL was 56,000 and my CD4 was 160..he said things are looking good..thanks everyone for the kind guys on this forum are GREAT!

My question is,does anyone know of a couple where the husband is + and the wife is - and they had a baby when the husband reached the undetectable level. My doctor said that he has patients where thats the case..the husband was undetecable and they had a healthy baby..he said its NOT risk free,but he has patients who have done it (several actually)
..Again, he said that its not risk free but being undetectable lesens the risk..he is a  EXCELLENT doctor HIV is his i was wondering if anyone knows of a case like this.
 i should mention again that i have a healthy baby boy that was concieved when i didnt know i was wife and child were immidiatly tested after we found out and they are both negative..any reponse would be appreciated.

Congratulations man! That is a great first step. I hope that my tests come back like that.  You are a lucky man to have a baby and wife that are negative so there are some silver linings.

I had the health dept call me today and set up an appointment. I meet them tomorrow so I hope that goes ok. Wish me luck. It's another hump on this roller coaster ride I guess.

Thanks dude,
you'll be ok..believe me when i tell you, if my wife and i can get thru it ,you guys can all seems dark right now, but i promise, if you take your meds and keep all your doc appointments you'll be ok..Great luck brother!!   ;)

I have a dear friend that is HIV + while his wife is not. They have had two children successfully. I asked this question of the dr. myself and he said people do it with medical assistance although he advised to really talk with him first before even thinking of conceiving another child. You are a very lucky man that this happened the way it did for your family. I am waiting to see if my fiance or my ex were infected at this point.

thanks for your response tryingforhope..did your freind and his wife do it naturally or did they used the "sperm washing" procudure that i've read/heard about?


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