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Oh Mary, please! You should know better. Ohio Mayor resigns after gay slur...

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Joe K:

--- Quote from: wolfter on February 11, 2013, 08:43:44 AM ---A lot of focus has been placed on the negative actions by the mayor instead of the positive actions by the police force and the community. 

I've been following this since it was first community acknowledged.  The police chief is a relative of mine and his son has been openly gay since highschool.  He hired the police officer knowing his sexuality and none of his other officers had issues with it.

The Democratic mayor has only been in office a little over a year and Mark took her to task and made a full report to council regarding the open discrimination she portrayed.  As chief, she was his direct boss and he did the right thing regardless.  The majority of the community denounced her actions and support the officer.

What's incredible for me is that this is a small rural city with progressive attitudes.  A lot of older members of that area are capable of changing attitudes towards homosexuality.  I'm living proof of it.  I would hate for the world to view my favorite area of the world based on the views of one idiotic resident.


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I'm not surprised by the attitude of the Mayor, but I was very pleased with the reactions of those around her.  It gives me continuing hope that eventually being gay will simply be no big deal and the actions of the police chief and others show just how attitudes can change... even though it still happens one person at a time.

I would never condemn an entire community based on the actions of one person.  I believe you have every right to be proud about how this community reacted.  I know I am.



--- Quote from: buginme2 on February 10, 2013, 04:44:34 PM ---

Did you know that in 30 states it is still legal to fire someone for being gay?  You can be fired for being transgendered in 39.

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@ buginme2, wow, that is very sad  :(   all this dose is perpetuate continued stigma, throw HIV/AIDS in the mix and it's even worse  :-[




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