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Greetings to all.  I'm new to this, so feel free to point out my mistakes.  I am 20 years poz, and for 20 years, used whichever Group Insurance plan the company owners selected to save money (usually a different insurance company each year).
In 2012 they went with Humana POS and suddenly I could no longer afford my meds. Humana placed ALL HIV drugs on that highest "tier" and they (happily) pay 25%. In talking to a Humana rep' I found good news, "there's a $3500 annual cap, after I shell out that amount, I pay nothing." My MD found "free samples" for me but for most of 2012, I was "off my meds."  I voiced my concerns to my companies owner, but in 2013 he renewed with Humana (lowest rates available). I should have (maybe) turned in my resignation, but instead, I opted "OUT" of the group plan. So I now have no insurance coverage, but I'm saving $94 per month, no meds, but a local agency is working slowly on that, AND no physician because I told that quack to "take a hike."
Question #1: How does Humana get away with sentencing me to death?
Question #2: (I can't be the only working stiff in this predicament) What are other HIV+ people doing for insurance?
Any words of wisdom are welcome!!!

You cancelled your insurance and fired your doctor?

I hope your not making decisions that cut off your nose to spite your face. 

If you are having difficulties affording your medication have you contacted an ASO in your area to see if you qualify for any assistance?  Would Copay assist programs offered by the manufacturers help you to afford your medication?  Some ASO's can also assist with helping you pay for insurance premiums.  Do you qualify for ADAP?

HIV meds are expensive however there are assistance programs to help cover some or all of the costs. 

Now that you fired your doctor have you arranged other care or are you completely now without medication and a physician?

I'd just view it as a 3500 decrease in my salary for a year until more insurance options become available through the Affordable Care Act exchanges next year.  That's what?  Less than 300 a month for a short while... sure beats being without.


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