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Hello Jeff,

 Most likely you are farsighted. On farsighted people glasses make the eyes look larger, on nearsighted, just the opposite,

Optometrist is the one that would write the prescption for the contacts. If you are having problem with your periferal vision, you need to see an ophthalmologist, and find out whats going onwith that, before any prescription is written.

 I also wear the progressives glasses, and have worn contact lenses. They are coming a long way in contact lenses to make them more comfortable, for the eyes.

The Best---------Ray

Andy Velez:
You guys are missing out on enjoying eyeglasses. They're very attractive on a lot of people.

As long as you need 'em, get with the program and enjoy them. I'm really getting to like the black horn rims that I used to think were nerdy. And some of the other colors I'm seeing lately are great.

In the immortal words of Max Bialystock, "If you got it flaunt it, baby!"

I have both, contacts and glasses.

I loved my tortoise shell school marm ones, and then I left them on a plane....*sigh*.  Now I have the invisible ones, but I miss the bold statement.  However, I wear contacts 90% of the time.

I looked into lasik, however there is a small chance of a halo effect, or a loss of borders and edges.  They cannot predict who gets this...but for me, that's a career no go.  Just a warning to those thinking about it...its very safe and all that, and those complications are rare, but it does happen.  Night vision can be an issue for some too.

I miss my nerd glasses.


I wear contacts and have a bad habit of forgetting to take them out like I should.  When the major diabetes attack hit me last November, it became necessary for me to wear reading glasses also.  I hate that.  This getting old sucks.

I'm supposed to wear them...hell I wear one contact most of the time, because it's cheaper and lets the box last longer.  The passenger in the car is there to read the road signs.  Once I start working after college it's Lasik all the way.


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