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Glasses drive me batty too. I don't usually put them on until I go out of the house or want to watch telly. I don't need them for seeing the computer monitor or for reading. There is NO WAY I could drive without them - co-pilot or no co-pilot! When I first went to college I refused to wear my glasses (vainity) but I kept getting lost on campus, admitted defeat and started wearing them. Couldn't afford contacts back then, and can't now either.

Here's what really drives me 'round the twist - if I'm wearing my glasses, these days I have to take them OFF to read. Didn't used to have to do that! I have a pair of vari-focals but the bit of clear glass I'm supposed to read through is so tiny I have to move my head from side to side. It's ok for checking the paper to see what time my program is on telly, but for sitting down and reading anything longer I have to take them off. I end up keeping them on top of my head a lot of the time and sometimes spend ages looking for them... while they're on my head. ~sigh~

Oh, and in the past six months I find that I can no longer read fine print with or without my glasses. I had to buy a cheap pair of over-the-counter reading specs for anything that needs close inspection... like small print or a splinter in my paw.

Old age indeed. :D

I loved my contacts - especially when I was working on the fishing boats. Nothing worse than getting sea spray on yer specs. If I could afford them now I'd have them in a heartbeat. Shit, I can't even afford new glasses right now and I think I do need a new perscription. But laser surgery? ~shudder~ on my EYES? ~shudder~ No thanks!



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