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I for one hate wearing eyeglasses!  I think I'm farsighted so I wear extremely thick coke bottle type glasses that magnify my eyes.  Before PML I used to wear gas permeable hard contacts.  I stopped wearing them more for the fact that I was having a hard time putting them in and taking them out then because of my vision problems.  Heck I have no peripheral vision to my left either way glasses or contacts. So 3 days ago I decided to try my contacts again.  Amazingly I had very little problems putting them in or taking them out so day one I wore them for maybe 15 minutes day to maybe 30 minutes and today I've had them on for several hours now.  I'm hooked again :) now I just need a new prescription.  Don't know if I should see a specialist for an eye exam or just an optometrist.  Guess that something I need to ask my doctor when I see her on Wednesday.  Gas permeable are so much easier than soft contacts they are smaller and don't turn over and they popout easier with just a little tug at the corner of the eyelid.


I hate glasses too, Jeff.   Mine are 'progressives', and I am always doing a bob and weave to find the right spot to look out of. 

Lately, I have been wearing one contact lens, in my right eye.   If I put in both lens, I cannot read anything.   I refuse to wear contacts AND glasses.

If I had the money, I would have Lasik.


I am savign for lasik!!! I hate my contacts and I hate wearing my glasses!!!

i used to wear contacts, but realized they were quite a pain after a night out of drinking trying to take them out or remember to take them out.

That was a long time ago, and I know they have ones you can leave in.   I do have a pair of regular glasses, but i don't wear them much either.   

Hey, I can still tell that the big red circly thing is a stop sign.

I have glasses too, I can see close up, but distance is all fuzzy.  I wear contacts mostly, and wont be seen dead in my glasses.  Im a bit vain when it comes to them even though they are small framed and discreet looking things, I just can't handle them.. I even hate wearing sun glasses.


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