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What was my mom trying to tell me?


So, being recently diagnosed I have been doing some thinking.

When I was a very young, elementary schoolish, kid my mom gave me a book about AIDS. I think it was a book about a boy who's father is dying of HIV. I never actually read it. It was a book with a man in an hourglass being succumed to the bottom. (Does anyone know of this?)

Also she told me that when she was younger she did sleep with a lot of men.

I know this could mean anything but what do you guys think? Why would a parent give a young child a book like that? If it was in my teens I would understand it.

I just responded to one of your other threads.
Now, reading through your posting history, I think you should find out if you have had Western Blot confirmation that you are indeed HIV+.....
Your mind seems to be racing, and thats normal considering the news you got. But before you go wondering on all these tangents... first things first....

And as for this question....  Well you seem to have a doubt how you got to be HIV+, based on your other thread. 
So why not make sure that indeed you are....

Tenzen, if you're trying to ask if we think your mother was trying to tell you she's hiv positive, I very much doubt that. She probably just wanted you to understand a bit about hiv so you didn't indulge in the rampant stigmatisation we see in society where hiv is concerned.

As neither you nor your mother have been confirmed as hiv positive, I'm locking this thread. You should only be posting in your thread in the Just Tested Poz forum until you've been confirmed as positive.



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