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Questions about CD4 and life-span

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--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on February 09, 2013, 09:59:53 PM ---Has your diagnosis actually been confirmed yet?

--- End quote ---

From reading your other thread in Just Tested Poz, it didn't sound like this poz result has actually been confirmed.  If it has been confirmed, then this is a great place for support.  A confirmation should have been done.  I would contact your doc to check.  I would hate for you to go through all this stress, if you're not actually poz.  Although, it is always good to learn about the virus and how to stay neg. 

Glad you are educating yourself!

That said, noone can say how long a "normal" lifespan is. Anything can happen. I live each day to the fullest as best I can but I also have those occasional days when I "sloth out". Today was a "sloth out" day due to the blizzard in the Northeast U.S. I caught up on movies I wanted to see (The Kings' Speech, Valkyrie) and a few sitcoms.

Tenzen, as your diagnosis has yet to be confirmed, I'm going to ask that you restrict your posting to your thread in the Just Tested Poz forum. With that in mind, I'm locking this one.



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