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Am I really positive?

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Tenzen, you must find out if your positive hiv test result has been confirmed with a positive result on the Western Blot test. Until such time, you should not post in threads other than this one. Thank you for your cooperation.



--- Quote from: jkinatl2 on February 10, 2013, 01:48:05 AM ---From what you described I have no reason to think you contracted HIV from the activities you mentioned.

--- End quote ---

Hm that's the question. Not to get too graphic, but how deep do you have to go in to get it? The most dangerous I can think of was this person I spoke of, who was about to penetrate me. He was far enough to block it with contraption but maybe close enough to be just a few millimeters in my muscle ring. Maybe a bit too detailed for some, but I just need to get to the bottom of this. Sorry.

@Ann I tested positive with a blood test with my doctor. I had no idea what a Western Blot was until I came here out of disparity. I did not know that WB was a requirement to post here. Sorry


You're going to need to wait until you get the results from your Western Blot test.


--- Quote from: tenzen on February 11, 2013, 11:56:27 AM ---anyone?

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What are you expecting here?  We are not going to deconstruct your sex acts to figure out if/when you contracted HIV.  That is a question for the "am I infected forum" not this one. 

Sorry to be blunt but we are not going to tell you "how deep you have to go" to get HIV, that's a pointless discussion.

Today is Monday, call your doctor and ask them if your positive HIV test was confirmed by a western blot test.  If it was then you are positive and our conversations can begin to help you to come to terms with it and how to move forward.   If not, your not HIV positive yet.


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