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Is it possible to have HIV and not get sick?

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Since you are just curious I will throw my 2 cents in. I don't think I have anymore of a chance of getting sick then most people.

I was dignosed 2 years ago.  My truvada/isentress has kept my VL down, but can't say my CD4 is cooperating as good.  My health is good, other then an MAC attack shortly after being diagnosed.

As long as my VL load stays down and my CD4 creeps up me and my doctor don't worry to much about it.

I do agree about the alcohol.   Well for the most part, I had my share this weekend at the Blackberry Smoke concert.

Michelle 8)


Treated in good time HIV is mostly a boring virus with minimal impact on health, and the risk of illness or death for people with HIV is the same or very marginally lower to people without HIV. Indeed, skiing would be more dangerous to your health. By in good time I mean before your CD4 falls to 350-500 or if it rises to 500 some time after treatment.

Save for a pension, you will be thankful in 40 years.

- matt


--- Quote from: Ann on February 10, 2013, 05:21:38 AM ---I would be very tempted to ask this person, "When was the last time you got tested for hiv?" Not to be mean, not to shut her up, but to get her to stop and realise that hiv affects women too and if she's sexually active, she should be getting tested regularly.

As for your other concerns, hiv affects different people differently. A lot of it has to do with your own genetic make-up. That's why some people can party like it's 1999 and have great numbers while others are very careful and still progress to aids (in the absence of meds).

For example, many people who are Long Term Non-Progressors often have a certain gene that enables them to partially, if not completely, control hiv on their own without meds. People who can control the virus completely (ie have an UD VL) without meds are called elite controllers.

I was able to go fifteen years before starting meds, and I started before I ever got an aids diagnosis. I never did anything special. I smoke, I drink, my diet could be better and lawd knows I could get more exercise. I was never considered an LTNP as my VL was always too high; I was an LT-Slow-P.

It's just the luck of the genetic draw.

--- End quote ---
my genes, timing, and smoke/drink/excercise issues are the same. :) :) ???
have some cognitive issues due to possible hiv/treatment issues, but after 30 years.....
i still (usually) have a positive attitude and hope i see another 30 years.

Stay optimistic Newguy!!!

Miss Philicia:
Do you smoke Mitchell? Such a vile habit for a 53 year old.

its really hot to smoke when youre like 15 though. (fact)


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