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I made it! Except for sleeping and gaseous issues, Atripla brought me to undetectable (< 20). I am pleased. Now, in it for the "long-haul," and anticipating CD4+ to rebound. . .



That is some history! Great news and best wishes on your CD4!


Jeff G:
That's news I love to hear , congrats !

Yes. This history has been crazy.

First finding out I was positive after 12 years in a monogamous relationship, with my partner turning out negative.  Then finding out my immune system had the rare exception of HIV control, then recently finding my immune system (for no clear reason at all) losing control of HIV, and my days in the LTNP cohort at NIH ended . . .

Things have been crazy.

But now, finally, sane and stable, as VL is under control and the choice to keep it that way or not is for the most part my own choice. . . on the rebound!


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