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Hey does anyone else have oily skin after a long day at work or at the end of day? I never had oily skin but lately I feel like hands and arms and its oily, even when I use my cell phone after a call or after I play a game my cell phone is oily any ideas? Or something I can try?

Maybe wash more often?

I take a shower every night though


--- Quote from: MiniPozToyota on February 09, 2013, 09:19:14 AM ---I take a shower every night though

--- End quote ---

You say your hands are oily and it gets on your phone, so maybe try washing your hands more often throughout the day. You can wash your face more than once a day too - I often wash my face several times through the day.

I think for some people, our bodies just change the way things happen over the course of our lives. Sometimes things can be connected to a change in diet or location, even situations, but I believe sometimes they just happen for no apparent reason. Like when someone suddenly developes an allergy to latex, or pollen, or their partner or whatever.

I used to have oily skin but about a decade ago I dried up somewhat. No real explanation as not that much has changed. And three years ago, the consistency of my ear wax changed. I wouldn't have even known except I started producing a lot of it, as well. Care to explain that?

I'd take Ann's suggestion and wash your hands a few more times throughout the day, maybe face too, and see if that makes a difference. And think about whether anything has changed that might contribute to this.


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