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Thank You, ADAP


Hello, everyone. I just wanted to do a shout out for ADAP and anyone who works in that sphere.

Since there's a SNAFU with my COBRA/insurance whatsit in Albany, I'm not covered right now, but I'm getting a refill of Stribild anyway. The office for the uninsured in Albany told me to go to any major chain (since they know they can work with them) and have the pharmacist call them to let them know how to bill.

This also means I don't have to have it mailed by those terrible Optum people. I don't know how fast it would be mailed, I would have to be here all the time until it was received, and since I don't know how long it would take, I don't actually know what address to give them. I'm near the end of my prescription, so being able to pick it up is a blessing. I know some people like that mail order thing, but it's a logistical and stress-inducing headache. I've never had a package sent to me by UPS or FedEX that didn't have some problem. When Sandy happened (I'm right by the East River), I was waiting for a couple of things that simply disappeared. Now with this 'blizzard', I don't trust them with something as important as ART pills. The USPS gets my stuff to me, but Optum says they'll use UPS. So, I guess this is a shout out for USPS too. ;) Too bad about that Saturday thing.

Thanks and cheers.

I'm really happy to hear you got your med situation worked out. Great news. :) Fingers crossed you get the snafu with your cobra sorted out long before your new bottle is empty. Good luck!


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