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What Can I Do To Gain Weight

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if you are not suffering from an identifiable illness affecting ur weight than try the simple following formula as mentioned in the above posts.......

Calories intake (eating) > Calories utilised (exercise and stress) = WEIGHT GAIN ;)

and get lots of sleep

Jeff G:
Your doctor probably has already checked but ask if you have been screened for hyperthyroidism .

Thyroid issues can work both ways when it comes to losing or gaining weight .

Thanks everyone for the replies....Stress may just b the key factor. But I'm def trying the milkshake thing never heard of it, & def more calories. Thanks everyone I will let u kno how it goes.

drink a milkshake with every meal. Use whipping cream instead of milk.

I have the same issues.

I have always had issues with weight and being slim even before. Although I'm eating well and exceeding 2500 calories a day, I'm still losing weight. And I agree it's not a good feeling when the first thing people comment on when they see you is how much weight you have lost
Wish there was an easy fit to gaining weight, but seems not


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