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June 1998


Yes some HIV+ people have damaged guts and some people have diarrhea. 

Just bugs me when people give advice as if there is a "mostly" HIV+ Experience these days. (Not to be confused with the Jimi Hendrix Experience)  :o

I would say weight loss and weight gain, as well as gastro issues, and their relation to an HIV infection, OR NOT, is a very individual experience in 2013.

For your information mecch, I am able and was able to recognize HIV poz gays just by their emaciated body so if they do not take special care about their nutrition they DO seem to have absorption problem. That applies especially to people diagnosed with AIDS. Now if someone was diagnosed when his CD4% was 30-40 clearly the virus hasn't done its damage yet so they are not going to look emaciated but most people that had an AIDS phase DO!

When I was neg, I had to monitor very carefully my sugar intake or I would get flabby. This is no longer true nowadays when I'm poz - keeping my weight stable and low happens without any effort, no matter that often I eat high sugar foods. This is the first thing I noticed, even before getting diagnosed as poz, I was able to keep the pounds off way easier than before.

The hiv poz muscular guys are not emaciated because they ALL take mass gainers and most take steroids on top of that.

If you aren't on HAART but are losing weight you are symptomatic. You should consider starting HAART. I had bad bowel issues until starting HAART, since the viremia has been controlled I've been regular and gained 15 lbs.


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