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What Can I Do To Gain Weight

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Even though the last post has been some time ago: when it comes to Complera / Eviplera (European brand name) make sure your doctor is involved when boosting protein intake. The two do not mix too well (same goes for steroids etc.). I have a similar problem on weight and discussed it in depth with my doc (who is very active in the European HIV research).

As already said by others weight loss or difficulty in gaining weight can have many reasons. Just eating junk food is not a solution. Quality food and moderate exercise could help, but do a cross check with your doc.

I know a hiv poz who is on hiv drugs and undetectable for years. He is working out and told me he had hard time gaining body mass. That seems to be the case with most hiv poz people, either their gut absorption is impaired by the virus or the constant diarrhea leads to low absorption.

Anyways, he told me that the solution was MassGainer - the stuff that bodybuilders take. I'm currently taking some mass gainer and my body weight went up 2 pounds in 3 weeks for the first time in months. I also work out. The more calories the mass gainer is per dose, the better. Choose mass gainer that contains COMPLEX carbs that are absorbed slower and steadier, not simple carbs like glucose or corn syrup.

Find a wealthy man to take you out to dinner a lot. Worked for me


--- Quote from: Habersham on September 20, 2013, 10:19:25 AM ---Find a wealthy man to take you out to dinner a lot. Worked for me

--- End quote ---

I'm currently working on a less-than-wealthy one who likes to cook. End result is the same, though I don't want to gain weight what with anorexia heroinica being back in style.

is he stuffing you full of creme brulee?


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