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What Can I Do To Gain Weight

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I disagree with a fair amount of this casual advice of trying to stuff yourself with more calories.
It just seems to me that something is wrong with your system, and you need a doctor and perhaps a nutritionist to get some answers.
You are eating mostly fast food.  Fast food means to me, already a diet likely high in salt, and saturated fat..  So it seems like a BAD idea to try to gain weight by adding MORE SATURATED FAT (milk shakes!?) to your diet.  I would go for high quality proteins and high quality unsaturated fats - healthy oils, fatty fishes, if you must...
But it seems there is some sort of absorption problem. Or diabetes. Or thyroid.  People taking in enough calories, and it sounds like you are, shouldn't be dropping weight....   Adding yet MORE calories frankly does not seem the best route to a solution.  Unless a trained nutritionist recommends it.

Jeff G:
I couldn't agree more with mecch . I used to have a similar probelem and the advise I got was to just eat and eat and eat . I will save you the long lecture but this is clearly a medical question or a nutritionist question at the very least . I so very wish I had paid more attention to the kind of calories I put in my body , if I had I may not be injecting insulin 5 times a day and fighting the lipid battle .

I'm not making this about me , its a cautionary tale and the point is to get professional help with this ASAP .   

weight can also be a psychological issue.  I'm no expert on the topic other than the obvious.

I was about starting a topic on this when I ran into this. I've always had a small frame  and even before diagnosis found it quite hard to put on weight as of may last year I weighed 72kg and now 6months after infection I've lost about 4kg. Looking into a mirror or seeing my shadow makes me cringe and last night I cried myself to sleep after looking at a pix of mine my girl friend recently took. She says I look great buh I can't remember the last time I saw myself this lean.

During my last visit to the doctor to confirm my numbers i told him my concern about the weight loss and he too agreed there might be an underlying factor since ideally I shouldn't be losing weight at this early stages of infection. Cd4 is over 600 and vl is 6702. He adviced I monitor and record my weight weekly and see if we can find anything. 

I rest very well, I think I eat well too and I don't exercise that much and I want my weight back.  :'(

I am in the same boat however I have not dropped weight just want to gain it. I wonder if the basal metabolic rate for individuals with HIV is higher then non positive people. Has there ever been a study on this done? I would assume that we need extra calories to account for highly active immune system.

Your posts make you appear a bit apprehensive. Are you still eating the same as you did prior to your diagnosis?


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