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What Can I Do To Gain Weight

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My cd4 keeps going up but my weight keeps going down & I'm not understanding. My meals mainly consist of fast food yet I've lost 20 more pounds within the last couple of months. I'm now back down to 115 in which I weighed in high school. Is there any type of medicine I can take to help? My Dr says my body mass is good for my height & age. I'm not trying to look sickly. Any suggestions

What HIV meds are you on now? Do you have issues with vomiting or diarrhea?

Why would you suggest another medication?  ;D Especially to gain weight. Pills don't fix everything.  ;)

Perhaps, especially with the big loss you're describing, if you start keeping a calendar monitoring your caloric intake, you (with your doctor's assistance) could figure out if there's a problem, as CD4s and weight are unrelated. Maybe there's an underlying gastric issue that needs to be addressed. Or maybe you're just not taking in enough calories.

I take Complera. I went from 145 to 115 in a matter of 3 months. My last doctor prescribed me Periactin. A steroid used to help cancer patients but  my new Doctor won't give me anything I was wondering if there was something over the counter that would help. Do you think those one a day women vitamins will help? Just tired of my family asking if I'm eating & I clearly am. This is the second time this has happened in my almost 2 years of being poz. Oh and no diahrea or vomit more constipation if anything

Have you asked your doctor to check for Type II Diabetes?  Sometimes rapid weight loss signals the onset of diabetes.

There could also be other gatric issues as others have suggested.

You should again consult with your doctor.

Take care.

what about doing it the old fashioned way? tons of milk shakes.


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