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Congrats Bob on the job! I'm in Edmonton, yes the winters can be cold, but the summers are nice. We have a beautiful river valley and many festivals/events during the summer.

Now on to your question, Alberta Health Care covers the cost of meds 100%. I found this link for you It says that people moving from outside of Canada may be able to get Alberta Health Care coverage on the first date of your arrival

Sounds like a good place to have HIV lol!
What about the blood tests etc? Are they also covered?


--- Quote from: bob_89q on February 10, 2013, 06:48:23 PM ---Sounds like a good place to have HIV lol!
What about the blood tests etc? Are they also covered?

--- End quote ---

Of course they are covered. Despite people thinking medical is free in Canada IT IS NOT! I hate this grossly false myth. The people pay for it via taxes. In fact, the medical system in Canada is privatized but the government funds it. IT IS NOT RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT! They simply provide the funds. For example regarding your question to blood work, there are companies that offer blood drawing services. The two that come in mind are CML and Lifelabs in Ontario. They are private companies that compete in the marketplace. My doctor gives me a requisite form and I go to the one I choose and they bill the government. I like CML because they are nice and compassionate when they draw my blood so I go there.

I prefer this system and although it has its flaws, it is at least fair for all the people. Of course it needs to be tweaked somewhat, perhaps add user fees here and there but generally speaking it works. Wait times can be horrific for certain procedures and emergency line ups are horrible. These need to be worked out.

I can't comment about other countries because I do not know how it works but I am under the impression there are places that deliver better services for relatively lower costs, better than we do it here in Canada.



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