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Just had some good news, there is a chance that i have been successful in gaining employment in Edmonton Albtera Canada.
Can any one tell me if there any good clinics/doctors in Edmonton and also how much does it cost for Atripla medication(?) although i am toying with the idea of buy generic off the internet from india - it has some very good reviews.
Thanks All. ::)

good luck on getting the job. i had a offer to move there for work as well...too cold for my liking ...


I dont live in Edmonton, but I know someone there who says the health care is great for PLWHA. I am sure you wont have any problems getting a doctor once you get here. As for affording your meds, you may have to count on your insurance (which should be covered by your employer).

Just check the links above.


Congratulations! Edmonton looks lovely online. I don't think I've ever been through it, though.

People in the US fight for the right to buy drugs from Canada, so it can't be too expensive up there. ;) I'm sure the doctors are top-notch in any large Canadian city.

Great news!

Edmonton is definitely cold (horrifically cold) but it is a functioning place and has a booming economy. As far as HIV care goes, you will have no problem. The University of Alberta is in Edmonton and they have excellent and world class resources for people with HIV infection. They are on the cusp of a functioning HEP C vaccine. Here is the link!

When you become an Albertan resident, all HIV meds are covered by the Alberta Health Services regardless of income or job type.

Good Luck and hope you enjoy Edmonton!


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