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Here is my story - Tested Pos 2 weeks ago - Married with Kid

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I'm going to keep this short....we're all human & bound to make mistakes. This is simply another test from god. If you truly love your family you focus on you & get yourself together FIRST before trying to deal with added problems. You decide what it is exactly you want in life and u now strive for that. Don't let your status define you. Your daughter loves you she just hurt right now. Time does heal wounds. N that time u educate yourself about this so that when they do come back around you can show them that your still the same husband and father that they've known. Sometimes it takes to be down & out to appreciate the things that come with being up. You keep your head up & know God wouldn't put any more on you than you can bare. It's not a death sentence more like a life sentence. Meaning your still able to wake up and better your life everyday. U ever just need someone to talk to I'm PiscesLove0313 in the personals.

Sorry you are here but welcome to the forums. 

I don't have an identical situation but very similar.  I was diagnosed with HIV in early October and I have been very fortunate to have my wife test negative as recently as a couple of weeks ago.  I know how hard it is to think about the possibility of infecting a loved one but it sounds like you were smart and should have nothing to worry about.  With that being said, I know from her perspective she is feeaking out and you are dealing with the brunt of it.  Also can say is hang in there. 

I have three kids and go to mediation next week.  My wife, like yours, has made it pretty clear that she will be leveraging my HIV status to get the custody and financial deal she desires. Not sure you can do anything about.  Yu know what they say about a woman scorned. 

Here is the good news.  This forum is littered with folks who have made mistakes and to be frank so is the world.  You will pull your thoughts together soon and figure out what you want to work out.  We are much luckier to be diagnosed now than the folks that were diagnosed 20 years ago.  Find a knowledgable doctor who specializes in HIV for two reasons.   First, he can provide great quality care to you and secondly, if it comes to it, he can be your advocate in court.   Your HIV status has nothing to do with how good of a parent you are. 

It's unfortunate your daughter found out.  I suspect that wasn't entirely your decision but the atomic bomb has been dropped. I agree with others that she needs to get in therapy soon and get educated.  Your daughter will come around and she will love her daddy just as much as before.  If you are like me, this is a life changing occurrence.  Hopefully you can prioritize your daughter in your life and your relationship can be better going forward. 

Hang in there buddy! 


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