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On Complera, have question about cutting pill in half.


Just started Complera this week, so far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed. Numbers at beginning of treatment are: CD4:640 VL: 15,515. In order for me to get the pill down, I have to use a pill slicer. Does anyone else have to do this? I find it a lot easier to do it this way. I asked my ID doc and she states that she doesn't think it's a problem or less beneficial. Thoughts and others experiences with Complera are strongly welcomed. I'm praying that this med works. As I like to keep active by working out and running.  ;) Feel free to email me as well.

Complera is a film coated tablet with no scoring and not designed to be split. It's a bad idea really. It will work best taken in one piece, as designed.

Stick it in something easy to swallow, or ask the nurse for tips, they are not so big these tablets.

Glad everything else with the meds is good so far.

- matt

Not to rule out or dismiss Newts advise but I always had trouble swallowing large pills and bought a pill slicer some time ago, my ID Doc saw no harm in using this, and I never had any problems, but over time I have used it less and less, I  don't have as much trouble with the larger pill anymore, I find it easier to take them with milk or a fizzy drink, for some reason that helps them to go down better, I always had trouble taking them with water.


Thanks you guys. I will try to swallow it whole. I will still double check with my ID doc. Just to make sure. I appreciate both of you guys help.


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