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Regularly missing meds

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I know you don't want to be psycho-analyzed, and certainly not by people who aren't even on meds yet, but I was also curious whether something subconscious could be going on.  Just curious.  Please don't take offense.  I know life is hectic, though.

1) take with dinner every night. this solves the memory issue and the food/stomach issue
2) buy a keychain fob and have a dose with you whether you are at home at dinnertime or away.

like wolfter, I remember having to set alarm clock(s) to ensure that I took 4 AZT pills every 4 hrs, 24 hrs day. That schedule meant having to get up twice during a night and taking two breaks at work during the day to take meds - all in an effort not to die.

Taking 3 pills (reyetaz/truvada/norvir for me) at dinner every night just isn't that much a big deal. ;) I'm sure if you make some plans (carry a dose with you, remember it's with dinner every night) you can get back to 100% adherence. Believe me, you sure don't want to deal with resistance (because that means losing a regimen along with it going ineffective and you losing some health before the resistance is noticed) nor with the eventual outcome of not treating HIV.

best wishes on making a new plan and sticking with it to get back on track with taking your meds regularly ;)

great advice from some of the best of the best here.
hope you find a way to TAKE YOUR PILLS! (sorry for yelling, it's the mother in me that comes to the surface every now and again)
there is a wonderful group of people here that care.
the solution is always up to you. :)

hang in and try to put some thought into what will work for you.

1.  Get an alarm watch.  I have mine beep at the beginning of the window and at the end of the window.  Cheap, effective, easy.

2.  Set a daily alarm on your phone for the same window.

3.  Get a little container -- I use a Tic-Tac candy container -- and stick several days worth of meds in there and keep it in the car.

These little tricks work for me.  Good luck!

I'm on the same 3 meds.  I've been taking this combo for a few months.  A while back I was having stomach problems with meds and found that if I took it at bedtime I was okay.  I also don't have to have a full meal with it.  Just a snack is fine.  I haven't missed a dose I don't think in a year, I've just taken it a few hours later on occasion because I had gone out for the night.  The only problem I have is occasional insomnia.

My advice to you is to grow up and stop acting like a baby, it's not that hard to take your meds and if you've eaten your regular meals you should be fine with just a snack when you do take them.  There is no excuse for not taking them, you should be grateful that you have access to them.


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