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Regularly missing meds

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--- Quote from: leatherman on February 07, 2013, 06:11:21 PM ---suggestions:
1) take with dinner every night. this solves the memory issue and the food/stomach issue
2) buy a keychain fob and have a dose with you whether you are at home at dinnertime or away.

like wolfter, I remember having to set alarm clock(s) to ensure that I took 4 AZT pills every 4 hrs, 24 hrs day. That schedule meant having to get up twice during a night and taking two breaks at work during the day to take meds - all in an effort not to die.

Taking 3 pills (reyetaz/truvada/norvir for me) at dinner every night just isn't that much a big deal. ;) I'm sure if you make some plans (carry a dose with you, remember it's with dinner every night) you can get back to 100% adherence. Believe me, you sure don't want to deal with resistance (because that means losing a regimen along with it going ineffective and you losing some health before the resistance is noticed) nor with the eventual outcome of not treating HIV.

best wishes on making a new plan and sticking with it to get back on track with taking your meds regularly ;)

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I have the same key chain and it makes life much easier... Well mine is red.  I am on complera so I keep three in that keychain as in a pinch I will always have 72 hours with me and that should get me by if I am stuck somewhere.


--- Quote from: LiveWithIt on February 07, 2013, 11:48:29 PM ---My advice to you is to grow up and stop acting like a baby, it's not that hard to take your meds and if you've eaten your regular meals you should be fine with just a snack when you do take them.  There is no excuse for not taking them, you should be grateful that you have access to them.

--- End quote ---
brush away all our pretty words, and this is the best advice ;)

I like that keychain fob, very nice. I'll keep my eyes open for one.

At this point, I keep all of my belongings but one in one bag, so I have my whole month's supply in there.

OP: I take the pill at the same general time whether I'm eating or not - usually not. My standard way now is empt stomach, and I don't have any issues, though two of my drugs are different than yours. You said you get stomach problems if you don't eat? Do the more knowledgable people here know if that goes away? Maybe if you just took it anyway you would eventually stop having the stomach issue? Or is that bad for some reason?

You're supposed to take Stribild with food, but i'm sure you know that? I got a keychain thing on for three cents! id look on there. they also sell them at most pharmacies i think, in the past month alone mine has been a life saver!

I know I'm *supposed* to take it with food. :) I actually didn't think about it until you told me in another thread a while back, so thanks! I figure it's better to take it with no food than not take it at all. I hope. Gulp.

I keep mine in one of those weekly pill boxes, but it takes a lot of space. I think I'm going to put 7 plastic pill bags (someone gave me a bunch, so I might as well use them) in my bag instead, but it would be great to have the fob with an emergency dose. You know, if I'm kidnapped by aliens or whatever. ;) Mail is tricky, but I'll check out the pharmacy impulse buy section when I'm there next. They usually have that kind of stuff.


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