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a new cd4 count!

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Hi Mitch777,

My meds were switched from Atripla to the Isentress/Truvada combination in 2009 after my genotype tests said that I had become resistant to Atripla.  I haven't experienced any side effects to that combination and my viral load remains negative and my t-cell counts and percentages stay good.  I hope that your experiences will be as promising. 

Congratulations Mitch.  :)
You talked about your numbers and how good they have gotten.  How do you feel?  That is an important part of getting/staying healthy too.  You work so hard to help your body.  You should also make sure you feel good too.
Great job!

Well done Mitchy.  You're giving MissP a run for CD4 queen.   ;D

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: wolfter on February 11, 2013, 09:07:23 AM ---Well done Mitchy.  You're giving MissP a run for CD4 queen.   ;D

--- End quote ---

Uh, mine was 1462 w/52.2% last month, and that was a drop of ~300. In fact, mine hasn't been under 1000 since 2007 :P

As noticed . . .

CD4 Queens do not abdicate their thrones without duress and objection.


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