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Freaking out now plzz plz help!!!!!

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Hi everyone!
Before I start my topic, please forgive my poor English. I'm not a native English speaker.
Please can someone help me out? I'm really really freaking out.. matter fact, I've been freaking out for the last 8 weeks.
About 8 weeks ago, I've been to the massage place and all we did was deep french kissing for about 2 mins. (No vagianl or anal inter-course)
But here is the problem, as soon as she finished kissing me and took off for a shower, I came back to my sense and realized what I've done.
So I tried not to swollow anything and spitted out on the tissue right away. And I noticed a blood presence (not fullly blooded, bloodish spit, u know what I mean?) and ever since then, I've freaking out,, I mean really freaking out. I also have a very poor gum health, almost everytime I brush my teeth I bleed, so it's probably my blood on the tissue. But what if she was bleeding as well?
And also, about 7-10 days after this inccident I started to show all the symptoms, including mild fever, fatigue, dry coughs, nausea, and occasional
diahrria. It's now my 7 and half week and I still have dry coughs at night, fatigue, nausea and occasional diahrrias. These were not continuous,
some of the symptoms stopped for 1 or 2 weeks. 
I have four questions....

1. How dangerous is french kissing with bleeding gums?

2. Can symptoms continue for more than a month?

3.( I'm really really sorry to ask this, but I have no bad intention) Are the people here posting replies have any medical backgrounds? or is it just coming from researches and personal history?

4. How long a person with freshly infected can live for with the modern treatments? (I'm 26 )


Kissing is NOT a risk for hiv transmission, no matter what sort of spin you want to think of to put on it. Saliva is NOT infectious. You did NOT have a risk of hiv infection. Period. End of story.


Thanks Ann
But I'm not just talking about saliva here..
I'm really really scared and trying to think straight but I can't.
I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow for a test, but
I'm not sure if I have a courage to go and actually do the test...


You can't get infected from your own blood.


what if she was bleeding as well?
NOrmally i wouldn't worry about it,, but all these symptoms really driving me crazy..
someone told me i may have mono .
Mono can cause all my symptoms as well?
Does hiv test also detect mono as well?


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